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A2646 A3 1932-5 3m black on azure, "Xmas Seal" stamp, VFM 35
A2647 A3 1932-5 3m black on azure, "Xmas Seal" stamp, scarce VFU with Retta cancel SOLD
 Gold Coast
A2291 85s 1918 1d on 1d War Tax stamp, overprinted "SPECIMEN," UM 80
A1752 115b 1935 6d Silver Jubilee, "Short Extra Flagstaff" variety, UM 450
A2648 87 1922-7 1s green, UM SOLD
A2649 89 1922-7 2s50c brown, UM SOLD
A1770 127i 1935 1s Silver Jubilee, line through "1910" variety, VFM 90
A1754 131/50a 1938/54 KGVI definitives set of 20, VFM 100
A1771 150a 1938/54 1 black & red, perf.14, UM 30
A1755 150a 1938/54 1 black & red, perf.14, VFM 15
A1756 151/4 1941/2 South Africa surcharges set in blocks of 4, both 1d printings, UM 50
A1757 153 1941/2 20c on 6d arrow block of 4, UM 12
A1758 154 1941/2 70c on 1s top two rows of sheet with arrow, stamps UM, couple light tone spots, mostly on margin 80
A1973 167/80 1954-9 QEII definitives set of 14, UM 95
A1976 198 1960-2 20s violet-blue & lake, VFU 50
 Sierra Leone
A2650 115w 1912-21 2d greyish slate, wmk INVERTED, corner pair, superb UM 100

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