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This is where you will find our regular stamp stock.  Scans of stamps in this section are stock images for illustration purposes only.

We try to offer most things, but where you see a space on the price list then the stamp is not in stock, keep checking our website as new stock will be added regularly.

We use 'UM', 'Mint' and 'Used' to describe the status of a stamp:

  • UM is Un-mounted mint, also known as MNH (Mint Never Hinged).  This is a stamp that has full original gum and has never had a hinge applied to its gummed side.

  • Mint is for a stamp that has been hinged and will have either a hinge mark, or neat & light hinge remainders.
    We do not deal in heavily hinged, sub-standard stamps.

  • Used is for a stamp that has a neat circular postmark.  We only sell stamps that would be considered fine used or very fine used.  Stamps with heavy cancels, machine/slogan cancels are not up to our standard, unless the stamp has postmark interest.  In this instance they would be sold in the Single Items section where you can see a clear scan of the exact stamp you are buying.
    Modern used stamps are often difficult to obtain postally used and therefore are only available cancelled to order (CTO) and may be supplied with gum on the reverse.  

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