Do I Buy Stamps?


I am often offered stamp collections and accumulations by people who find my website.  I have to buy stamps all of the time to maintain my stocks, but before you offer me anything, please read the following points:

I LIKE TO BUY collections and accumulations of South Africa, Rhodesia, South West Africa / Namibia, Swaziland, Basutoland, Bechuanaland and other British Africa countries. I will also buy MINT GREAT BRITAIN COLLECTIONS.

I can’t buy anything I can’t physically view. I live in the Midlands in England, so if you can’t send me the collection or can’t arrange for me to see it then I will not be able to make you an offer. I regularly travel to the north west and attend a stamp fair in London so it may be possible to make arrangements to view. There are many local stamp fairs in England and South Africa.  A search of the internet will usually locate one for you. These can be a good place for you to take your stamps and covers as the dealers you will find are generally helpful and can give you advice and or make an offer.

I don’t want to buy juvenile stamp collections. These are the albums with the country name at the top of a page and space for those stamps. They are usually given to children and as such are not usually worth much money. Children collect the common stamps of the day, usually soaked off the mail. If you have one of these albums don’t get your hopes up! Again try your local stamp fair.

FIRST DAY COVER COLLECTIONS are the most common kind of collection that I am offered. I have large stocks of South Africa covers from the 1960s/80s “heyday” period of collecting.  Great Britain FDCs are also common from that period and are usually worth very little.  Contact me if the covers are in fine condition and have been stored in albums, but please be aware that they are unlikely to be valuable.  If you live in South Africa or overseas then take them to a stamp fair as the weight of them will make them uneconomical to send to England. 2008 - 2015, all rights reserved